Next-gen mini-LED 4K TVs are primed for welcome price drops

One of the biggest TV stories since 2021 has been the arrival of mini-LED technology in TVs. This is a type of LCD backlight that uses – you guessed it – smaller LEDs so that most lights can be packed in any less space, creating ultra-thin TVs with stunning HDR. While TCL introduced the technology before 2021, it really took off with Samsung offering the technology worldwide on some of the best TVs of the year, and right now, you can also find it on TVs from Sony, LG, Philips. and Hisense.

The only problem? It is not cheap. It requires more advanced manufacturing than regular LED TVs, which means premium pricing. There has been great progress just in the last year, with the price of Samsung’s 2021 models (like the Samsung QN90A) dropping massively since launch, and it’s been nice to see that Samsung’s 2022 TV lineup has launched at slightly lower prices than the previous year. 2021 equivalent in many cases. This is in stark contrast to the price of 2022 LG OLED TVs, including the LG C2, going up compared to last year’s models.

Returning developer is turning discarded content into a new game – and I’m all for it

We’ve known for some time that Housemarque has been working on their next game, and now we’ve discovered that it features “ideas and storytelling systems” cut from Returnal.

After its release last year, Returnal marked one of Sony’s first PS5 exclusives, with the roguelike following protagonist Selene trying to escape a hostile alien planet. We’ve seen substantial updates since then, including an infinite mode, Tower of Sisyphus, and we recently found out that Housemarque is working on their next project, which has been confirmed as a new IP and won’t be Returnal 2.

Windows 11 Update Stops Wi-Fi Hotspot Feature for Some PCs

Microsoft’s latest update, released on June 16, is already causing problems on some PCs.

according to the official Microsoft (opens in new tab) post – discovered by Windows CentralWindows 11 Update KB5014697 is preventing the Wi-Fi hotspot feature from working correctly on some PCs. Some systems running the update will lose their internet connection when acting as a hotspot host for other devices.

DuckDuckGo is criticized by Brave CEO for alleged deal with Microsoft

The Crypto-Driven Browser CEO (opens in new tab) Brave criticized rival DuckDuckGo for its affiliation with Microsoft and the wider online tracker (opens in new tab) controversy.

For the uninitiated, DuckDuckGo’s mobile browser was recently discovered to allow Microsoft’s trackers to (opens in new tab) operate, blocking those of Google and Facebook. Zach Edwards, the security researcher who discovered the issue, later also found that trackers related to the and domains were also being allowed through the blocks.

You can buy access to a company’s data on the Dark Web for less than a Macbook

Cybercriminals who want to gain access to a company’s endpoints and infrastructure can do so for the price of a Macbook, and sometimes even less, according to a new report.

Kaspersky analyzed nearly 200 posts on the dark web, advertising stolen data or stolen access to companies of all shapes and sizes, and found that, on average, criminals pay an average of $2,000 to $4,000 to access systems. (opens in new tab) large corporations, which the researchers believe is a solid investment given the potential for high ROI.

Your Next Chromebook Can Know When You’re Sitting in Front of It

Body detection security features could be coming to a Chromebook (opens in new tab) near to you.

ONE newly discovered page in Chromium Gerrit (opens in new tab) website reveals that body detection features are being worked on for a Chromebook laptop codenamed “Crota”. Gerrit is a collaboration tool for software developers to come in and review each other’s work, and in this case Google’s Chromium projects.

Thousands of WordPress Sites Updated to Fix Dangerous Security Flaw

An extremely popular form builder plugin for WordPress website builder (opens in new tab) with over a million installs is vulnerable to a high severity flaw that could allow threat actors to complete control of the site.

Ninja Forms recently released a new patch, which, when reverse-engineered, included a code injection vulnerability. (opens in new tab) which affected all versions from 3.0 and up.

After Diablo Immortal, Overwatch 2 abandons lootboxes

Blizzard is taking a new approach to microtransactions in Overwatch 2, ditching the loot boxes from the multiplayer shooter’s predecessor in favor of an in-game cosmetics shop.

During an Overwatch 2 press roundtable, Gaming was informed that loot boxes would not appear in the upcoming game. Instead of blindly opening packs to earn random cosmetic items, players can purchase their content directly.

Overwatch 2 PvE will tell a ‘complete and linear’ story starting next year

Overwatch 2’s new PvE game mode will launch in 2023 and is designed to tell a complete, linear story in the multiplayer shooter’s regular seasonal updates.

Speaking about Overwatch 2 at a press conference, developer Blizzard said that the story-focused co-op play mode will receive a staggered release to coincide with the sequel’s new nine-week seasonal model. Rather than telling discrete stories, however, each update will be combined into an overarching campaign that will come to a definite conclusion.

Edifier’s new true wireless headphones promise noise-canceling CD-quality sound

Bookshelf speaker specialist Edifier has updated its wireless noise-canceling NeoBuds Pro headphones with a new version: the NeoBuds Pro S. The biggest difference is that they bring Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Sound technology to the party. .

The original NeoBuds Pro made some noise with support for high-resolution audio codecs such as LDAC and LHDC, along with noise cancellation for a decidedly mid-range price.