Garmin’s new SOS device could be a lifesaver on your next off-grid adventure

Garmin has released its latest off-grid adventure device – the inReach Messenger. It’s small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and can send you an SOS message if you’re out of cellphone range and need help.

Whether you’re in the mountains or in another remote location, wearing one of the best Garmin watches to accompany your adventure, this new device, which fits easily in your pocket or backpack, can be invaluable in an emergency.

In a year of delays, this stomach-churning horror FPS will be released sooner

After months of massive game delays, an upcoming horror FPS is bucking the trend, releasing a full week earlier than expected.

After a gross gameplay reveal two years ago, and another reveal during Summer Game Fest, the twisted shooter Scorn releases on Friday, October 14th. You will be able to enter their twisted world of biomechanical abominations seven days earlier than previously thought.

Samsung Confirms It Will Sell Latest Refurbished Phones – That’s Great News

If you’re interested in buying a Samsung phone but want to save some money, you’ve probably thought about buying a refurbished phone – buying refurbished technology has become a very popular way to save money on gadgets.

Samsung’s renovation program, called Re-Newed, doesn’t actually sell the company’s newest gadgets. In the UK, the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Note 20 series are the only ones sold, while in the US they join the Galaxy S21 and Galaxy Note 10. But if you want the newest Galaxy S22 or other devices like the Galaxy A53 or tablets , is out of luck.

Two of the best PS5 exclusives confirmed for PC thanks to leaks

Sackboy: A Big Adventure is definitely coming to PC, and another leak points to a Returnal release for the platform as well.

It looked like Sackboy: A Big Adventure was heading to PC after an anonymous list delivered the game a few weeks ago. And this is now official, with the PlayStation Latin America account uploading a trailer – currently unlisted – for the title.

Starzplay is no longer called Starzplay

Lionsgate’s streaming service Starzplay has officially been renamed Lionsgate Plus (stylized as Lionsgate+) in 35 global territories.

The platform will retain its existing Starz title in the US and Canada – and will remain Starzplay Arabia and Lionsgate Play in Arab countries and Southeast Asia, respectively – although these versions will also benefit from new design elements and an updated graphics package.

Razer’s Steam Deck Competitor Is Using Xbox Cloud Gaming to Advance

Razer, Qualcomm and Verizon are looking to make an impact in the handheld gaming space with the Razer Edge 5G.

This Android-powered handheld device looks set to compete with Valve’s Steam Deck and will allow gamers to download games locally or stream them through cloud-based services like Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Want to know what it’s like to be a top player in India? here’s your chance

As the gaming ecosystem grows at a fast pace in India, there is a general curiosity about what it takes to be a top gamer. There is also a fascination with the lives of the best players. It is a subject and an idea worth exploring. And that’s what the popular OTT MX Player platform will do.

He came up with a new web series, player’s lair, which explores India’s gaming ecosystem through anecdotal first-person experiences. Created by MX Studios, player’s lair will shed light on the lives and achievements of players. The idea is to inspire and influence viewers to look beyond traditional careers and professional opportunities.

Intel’s Raptor Lake supercharged CPU could leave AMD’s Ryzen 7950X in the dust

Intel’s supercharged version of its flagship Raptor Lake – an updated CPU due to arrive in early 2023 – is the subject of a new leaked benchmark and shows a seriously fast processor.

As Tom’s Hardware (opens in new tab) detected, the Core i9-13900KS – note the additional ‘S’ that sets it apart from the 13900K, as a limited-edition variant – will boost to 6GHz out of the box, and now we get a glimpse of its supposed performance in an actual benchmark flagged by HXL on Twitter .

The delayed release date for Skull and Bones isn’t bad news

Ubisoft has announced yet another delay for its action-adventure game Skull and Bones – but it’s not all bad news.

Skull and Bones’ release date has been pushed back to March 9, 2023, but Ubisoft has announced an open beta to smooth things over. Last month, some PC gamers (myself included) entered a game test with a very strict NDA, but the open beta will open the door to everyone and, presumably, all platforms.

We were expecting Skull and Bones to release on November 8th, so it’s a significant delay. That being said, the holiday season is a busy time for game releases and competition is strong. But with God of War Ragnarok, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, and Pokémon Scarlet and Violet all at the same time, maybe pushing the date off is for the best.

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

it will be beta

India’s brand value increased by 19% – But what is the value of this brand?

India’s brand value has increased by 19%, or more than $400 billion this year, to $2.6 trillion. The large increase in India’s brand equity is related to the country being increasingly seen as a safe and stable place to invest, as evidenced by significant developments in new technologies such as electric vehicle production and mobile phone manufacturing, according to brand valuation consultancy Brand Finance.

Elsewhere, Russia’s brand value has dropped by nearly $150 billion year-over-year — the biggest drop in brand value among any national brands in the world this year. Ukraine has dropped $22 billion due to the Russian invasion, but global perceptions of Ukraine have increased significantly.

Why is India’s value rising?

(Image credit: Brand Finance)

The assessment is not an aggregation of Indian trademarks, but rather a brand assessment of the Indian nation itself. “As such, the increased worldwide distribution of Indian cultural products is a key factor in improving international familiarity with India and an important driver of increased appreciation,” said Brand Finance.