DTS Play-Fi: now turbo for 7.1.4 surround sound

Xperi, the parent company of DTS, is at IFA 2022 demonstrating the latest updates to its Play-Fi wireless audio streaming platform. Play-Fi, which is found in products ranging from wireless speakers to the best soundbars, AV receivers and TVs, allows listeners to stream high-resolution audio at up to 24-bit/192kHz with sub-1ms latency on Wi-Fi from your home and also allows music to be streamed simultaneously to 16 separate devices at once.

The main upgrade the Xperi demonstrated at the IFA was wirelessly playing immersive movie soundtracks on a 7.1.4 speaker setup. The demo source was a Play-Fi compatible Philips TV that streamed audio to a Philips Fidelio FB1 7.1.2 soundbar. Along with the FB1, this company’s F1 wireless speakers were used for surround and height effects and its W1 wireless subwoofer for low-frequency effects.

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