ELAC’s new TV-compatible speakers will satisfy Dolby Atmos soundbar enemies

For many movie fans, a Dolby Atmos soundbar will provide everything they need to experience the latest movies on TV with a level of audio realism that your device’s built-in speakers could never deliver. But what if you also want to listen to music? The best soundbars excel at movie sound, but some listeners may end up disappointed when it comes time to play music in the same ‘bar.

The reasons for this are many, but mostly it comes down to a soundbar that has to pack the speakers used to broadcast information from the left, right and center channels – and in some cases also surround and height channels – in a slim, compact, all-in-one unit. The best designs make an effort to reproduce stereo music with a high degree of clarity, but the main job for most soundbars is usually to provide maximum impact with movie soundtracks.

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