Google Pixel 6A is getting a price drop of over Rs. 16,000 – How to get the discount?

Flipkart will sell the Google Pixel 6A for an effective price of Rs. 27,699. We will explain how you can get this offer.

The Google Pixel 6A launched in July and many users raised their concerns about the price on social media platforms. Now, the phone is getting a price cut for Flipkart’s Billion Days sale, and the phone will be available for a price that’s worth buying at the sale. The phone is now available on Flipkart for the launch price of Rs. 43,999, add it to your wishlist now to be notified of the price drop!

The first thing you need is an ICICI bank card or Axis bank card, as the best price for the Pixel 6A can be obtained using the card offer of these banks.

The Big Billion Day sale is coming and Flipkart has announced that the Pixel 6A price for sale will be Rs. 34,199. That’s a huge drop from Rs. 9,800 compared to the Pixel 6A’s launch price of Rs. 43,999.

Then there is a prepaid discount of Rs. 3,500. A prepaid discount is generally offered for all prepaid payments, including cards and UPI payments. This further reduces the price to Rs. 30,699.

Next up is the offer of ICICI bank cards and Axis bank cards, an instant discount of Rs. 3,000. And that makes the price drop even further to Rs. 27,699.

Flipkart did not explicitly mention Axis or ICICI credit cards in the official tweet or Big Billion Days landing page, so this offer should also apply to debit cards.

As you can see, even if you don’t have access to an Axis or ICICI card, you’re getting a great deal on the Pixel 6A.

Here’s Flipkart’s official tweet about this deal:

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Slap the first buyers in the face?

What’s the point of lowering the price of a phone by a huge margin just after a month? Why wasn’t the company able to sell the phone at this new price early on?

This huge price drop is a slap in the face to early adopters of the phone. What did users get after paying a huge premium for this phone? Nothing, just the feeling of being tricked by the brand.

I would be furious if I buy this phone for Rs. 43,999 and saw that it is now selling for more than a third off. And I would never have a Google phone at launch, if ever.

LG did this in the days when it used to regularly release phones at a high price and drop the price just after a month. One reason that eventually led to the sad demise of LG phones. If Google continues with this, it could also face the same fate

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