I washed my AirPods and they still work, except they sound like the beach

Well, it finally happened. After years of true wireless headphone ownership, I finally put a pair in my washing machine accidentally. It was my trusty AirPods Pro that bore the brunt of my idiocy – but they survived! Mostly. With a rather significant quirk spoiled by the title.

So it’s very hot here in the UK at the moment. Not just “it’s summer, it should be hot” hot, but “record temperatures far beyond anything we’ve ever had in this country before” hot and also humid. While making a vinegar-tomato bean salad in a heat haze yesterday, I managed to throw some tomato sauce and vinegar on my shorts. I don’t own many pairs of shorts, because the English climate doesn’t require them that often, so I didn’t want this pair to go out of order. I changed quickly and threw them in the washing machine with a few other pieces and proceeded to make lunch.

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