Nine Questions Everyone Asks About Fryers

We love fryers. From relatively compact models that will mostly fuel our craving for fries quickly, to singing and dancing multi-function fryers that can take on roast chicken, candy and more. Not only do we love its ability to provide crispy fried foods in a healthier way, but this way of cooking is also energy efficient. So if you’re wondering what all the fuss is about or if a fryer deserves a space on your counter, here are the answers to your most frequently asked fryer questions.

1. Do I need a deep fryer?

No, but there are plenty of good reasons why you might love having one. Air fryers offer a much healthier alternative to frying and cook much faster than convection ovens or fans. They heat up faster and many models are small enough to sit on your countertop without getting in your way. If you like crispy fries but want them to be as healthy as possible, a deep fryer could be your new best friend.

(Image credit: Philips)

2. Are deep fryers expensive?

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