Nvidia RTX 4090 photo looks fake, but other leaks are stirring up hype

Nvidia’s big ‘GeForce Beyond’ event takes place later today at the GTC, and it’s widely expected that we’ll see Lovelace GPUs, with more hints released in a trailer on YouTube – and we’re certainly strongly anticipating what the RTX 4090 will look like, plus there’s been a sighting. apparent from the main video card.

However, this leaked image shown by VideoCardz (opens in new tab) It has all the characteristics of a forgery. The photo shows CEO Jensen Huang holding an alleged RTX 4090 graphics card (Founders Edition, made by Nvidia themselves), but Huang is in much softer focus than the card itself, and it really looks like the 4090 has been superimposed on top ( possibly using an old release PR photo).

(Image credit: Videocardz)

Also, the graphics card appears to be floating in front of him too, with none of his fingers visible around the edge of the card. In short, we’re pretty sure this isn’t authentic, so it’s something to discard in our books.

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