Stranger Things season 5: what we know so far

Stranger Things season 5: key info

– Fifth season will be the mainline show’s final entry
– No release date yet
– Scripts being penned as of August 2022
– Filming may begin in 2023
– Core cast likely to return
– Major characters could die
– Fifth season unlikely to feature new characters
– Will answer lingering questions about the Upside Down
– Spin-off and stage play projects in the works

Stranger Things season 5 feels like a distant dream right now. The fifth and final entry in the wildly popular Netflix show is coming at some point, but we don’t know when it’ll arrive on our screens.

It’s not likely to be released for a couple of years, though. Right now, Stranger Things 5 is only in its pre-production phase, with the hit Netflix series’ chief creative team thrashing out its story and how to narratively structure its final season. Still, at least they can celebrate a job well done on Stranger Things season 4, which became the most-watched English language Netflix show of all-time and recently landed five Emmy awards (opens in new tab) for its troubles.

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