The Galaxy Z Flip 4’s Biggest Rival Comes First – But With One Big Downside

While Motorola has been teasing the launch of the next foldable Razr for some time now, the company has now officially set a release date for the arrival of its next foldable on August 2nd.

The ‘double flagship’ event that Motorola shared news of via Chinese social media platform weibo (opens in new tab) it is also set to host the launch of the Moto X30 Pro, which will be the world’s first phone with a 200MP camera.

Motorola’s ‘See you at the peak’ poster positions the Moto X30 Pro and Razr 3 at an angle to one another to create the appearance of a mountain range. (Image credit: Motorola via Weibo)

Samsung has recently confirmed the date of its next release – August 10th – in which we expect to see the new Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4, however Motorola’s new announcement puts the Motorola Razr 3 release date ahead. from Samsung for eight days. The caveat is that Motorola’s dual launch appears to be exclusive to China for now, while the Korean company’s new foldables are expected to launch in multiple markets, internationally, from the get-go.

Analysis: more widespread and accessible

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