The Greatest Lord of the Rings Strategy Game Is Not Legally Available Yet

I have a yearning for The Lord of the Rings, but I can’t seem to satisfy it. Ever since Rings of Power made words like Númenor, Harfoots, and Morgoth part of my everyday vernacular, I’ve been looking for a video game to provide the same cinematic action as Tolkien. I had one specifically in mind: EA’s excellent 2004 real-time strategy game Battle for Middle-earth.

I originally had the game on disc, but it’s been gathering dust somewhere in my parents’ house for the past few years. Even if I could find the box, my PC long ago lost the optical drive it needed to run it. “No problem”, I thought, “I’ll turn to Steam for my strategic Tolkien fix” – only to be shown a disappointing blank search page. Valve’s store carries many Lord of the Rings games, but Battle for Middle-earth isn’t among them.

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