This 32-inch Android smart TV from Iffalcon costs just under Rs. 11,000

If you are looking for a smart TV to save money, you know the cheapest 32 inch smart TV, you are on average spending Rs. 15,000. What if we showed you a smart TV from a renowned brand, iFFALCON, for less than Rs. 11,000?

Sure, you can get a 32-inch smart TV from an unknown brand for around Rs. 10,000. But this smart TV is from the established IFFALCON brand. So you have almost nothing to worry about.

The TV in question is the iFFALCON HD Ready Smart TV 32F65A, which is available at chroma (opens in new tab) for a price of Rs. 10,989 now. There is also a card offer for ICICI bank cards. An instant 10% discount up to Rs. 1,500 in ICICI bank credit and debit cards. This would further reduce the price to Rs. 9,489.

Let’s talk about TV features. The TV comes with an HD ready display which translates to 1366×768 pixels. The TV supports HDR 10 and Active HDR. The TV has a 60Hz refresh rate and comes with a 6.5ms response time.

This smart TV has all the basic features of an Android TV, such as access to the Play Store, Google voice search and built-in Chromecast. In addition to Google Assistant support, this TV also supports Alexa voice assistant.

This TV comes with 20W stereo speakers and also support for Dolby Audio.

Should you buy this TV in 2022?

If you’re on a budget, this smart TV is a great deal to get. You’d need the upcoming Prime Day sale on Amazon for Android smart TVs to come up with that price. This also with bank and card offers. You can get this smart TV from Croma without using a card offer. And if you have an ICICI card, you get the TV for an even lower price.

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