Windows 11’s Best New Feature Will Be For Samsung Phone Owners Only

Windows 11 has a nifty new feature that lets you much more conveniently connect your PC to a cell phone with the latter acting as a Wi-Fi hotspot, although the functionality is just in testing for now and only works with Samsung smartphones.

The ability to instantly access your phone’s hotspot is facilitated by the Phone Link (formerly Your Phone) app and is introduced in preview version 25231 on the Dev Channel (initial test channel for Windows Insiders).

Instant hotspot means you can very quickly connect to your device’s hotspot just by clicking a button – assuming the device is within range – without having to touch your phone or fiddle with any hotspot settings, entering passwords and so on.

(Image credit: Microsoft)

As mentioned, you need a Samsung device – running One UI 4.1.1+ to be precise – and your PC must support Bluetooth. You also need to be running Windows 11’s new preview version 25231, of course, and have the Phone Link desktop app version v1.22082.111.0 (or better).

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